Tips on how to create your own Custom Canvas

You can create your own canvas prints or start an online custom business, as there are lifestyle mockups which enable you to fine-tune your designs your own and pack them with a print-on-demand shipping company. Gallery walls can bring character into the work space, while the process is an art form, which is why we’ve laid out a guide on how to design your own creation in easy steps. There are no order minimums, so you can order a canvas print to give it away, if you’re looking for a heartfelt gift, or in case your house feels a little stale.


It’s an easy way to put a personal touch on a space, as canvas photo prints give you a 3-dimensional décor that you can tailor, as well as vibrant printing with serious longevity, and you get to choose from canvas frame options such as mounted (the lightest option) or sturdy wood frame (for durability). Personalized canvas prints means you can put your own designs, print them for you, as each one is printed on demand, so order as many as you want. If you want to display a timeline, canvas prints are an artistic way to show off your photos and update a room in the same time.

  1. There are great prices, although canvas printing can be expensive, so shop around and compare, as many canvas websites advertise the prices rolled up in a tube and will up-sell you on the frame, often adding something above their price. With MakeCanvasPrints you can use your own photos, as the revolutionary process prints directly on the canvas, so upload any image and use the online designer with custom backgrounds and more, in case you want to get the best prints and buy them online. All of their prices include the gallery wrap, so there will be no surprises, and MakeCanvasPrints has great prices every day, so instead of going to the store you can shop online.


  1. You have to think about what you are including in terms of portraits, color and style, as you’ll want your gallery to feel truly a part of your home, so go through each picture on your tablet with an editorial eye: this will help narrow down to those that work in harmony. The first step is to select a theme, so determine the types of images and add a series of other artwork in the same style, bringing together filters and themes that work well.


  1. In case you have outtakes they could make for a collage or a gallery wall, as a collection of prints can look gorgeous in a dining room or staircase setting. Use high-resolution photos which will give you the sharpest, keep image shape in mind, as it affects the size and please preview your print in order to inspect the design. Choose from the frame options but don’t go looking for the lightest option, for which we wrap canvas around foam, instead we recommend going for a wood-framed option, with built-in hangers, and consider the shipping options.

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